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No fat, so fat. Why has low fat become so fat?

My husband and I were on a trip recently to Long Beach, California.  As we found the breakfast choices at the hotel unappealing, the usual bagel, zero nutrition cereal choices, sweet rolls and 8 dollar oatmeal, we decided to get a few things for the refrigerator in our room.

We found a large grocery store nearby and with basket in hand we attempted to find some plain yoghurt, granola, nuts and fruit.  For those of you who have read my post: My life long adventure with food, you know all about my love for full fat plain yoghurt.  It was pretty obvious once we started down the dairy aisle that my experience back in the 1980’s was about to repeat itself.  The difference here was not a lack of choice but all the choices we found in the dairy aisle that did not resemble the real thing.

Food manufacturers have taken this natural food that really is healthy and turned it into a sugar laden, additive containing fake food.  The worst part is that this is marketed as a healthy food choice, containing calcium, protein and those very important probiotic cultures.

Not so, by the time all the alterations take place there’s nothing left but empty, sugar laden (real or fake), additive loaded, artificial calories that feed our addiction for more empty calories.  This is a reflection of most if not all packaged foods out there.

As far as I could see from the average Long Beach, Californian roaming around the market, most were overweight; this preponderance of low fat products has not worked and I do believe we have known this for quite some time.

There are statistics out there to prove it just go to StatsCanada or Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, the numbers on obesity are mind boggling and not improving.

I once had someone show me their low fat cheese in their fridge, they remarked with a smile, “I can eat as much as I want, its low fat.”  This person is seriously overweight with a number of serious health conditions.

So, do like this Greek girl does, go for the full fat yogurt.  Put in some real fruit, and then eat a reasonable amount.  You’ll be amazed at how good it tastes, how satisfied you feel and eventually you’ll see how much better both you and your waist line feel .



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