“Thank You Tessa for encouraging me to achieve my goals.  Just a phone call away, you have been a valuable and consistent support.  Your professionalism guided me by listening to my concerns and implementing them into my plan.  I am grateful in having you as a hardworking mentor and an invaluable coach.  The customized Metabolic Balance® Nutrition Plan is a way of life, not a diet.” – Paddi, British Columbia

“If you decide that a change in diet is needed in order to improve overall health, then Tessa is the professional who can help to guide your path.  Her educational background, experience, and warm personality provide an excellent blend of qualities for your work together.  After the initial consultation, Tessa provided valuable written feedback, as well as a structured plan designed to improve my metabolic balance.  The results have been truly impactful. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to work with her.” Philip – Kelowna

The Metabolic Balance® program has truly changed my life and done absolute wonders for my confidence! I have tried and failed at many diets.  I just could not lose that 20 pounds and keep it off; I always gained back the weight.  On the Metabolic Balance® program not only have I lost the excess weight but have managed to keep it off.  It has been almost 4 years and I have kept the weight off!  Better yet, I know that I will keep the weight off because I use the principles of the plan and the knowledge I gained about food and health from my coach, Tessa, who supported and guided me along the way.

I loved the fact that the plan provided me with a list of foods that were right for my body, that I purchased and cooked myself.  With other plans using their foods, I was left on my own when off their foods, and having to then again shop for myself, not knowing really what to buy.  This plan gave me the shopping list for the rest of my life.  With Tessa’s assistance I can now add to this shopping list with confidence in what I am buying.

The plan was easy to follow and fit perfectly into my lifestyle.  It was also a bonus that I had zero cravings and was not hungry.  I really believe that the Metabolic Balance® customized nutrition program resets the metabolism and makes it so much easier to maintain my ideal body weight.  Thank you Metabolic Balance®!” – Barb T, Lake Country, BC.”

“Several members of TOPS (Take Off The Pounds Sensibly) were enlightened by the presentation Small Tweaks That Make a World of Difference.  Tessa has a vast knowledge that she easily shares with her audience, she is captivating, she encourages interaction throughout her presentation.  Tessa has the ability to encourage people to seek better choices for better health.  Her style of presentation flows easily and is straight from her heart.” – Carole Paradis TOPS Area Captain

“I had the pleasure of attending Tessa Nicholson’s nutrition seminar at Gallagher’s Canyon.  Tessa has a wonderful style and has the unique ability to bring the participants together to create an informative and inclusive session.  Through her in-depth knowledge, warmth and guidance, she shares her knowledge to both educate and challenge participants (in a positive way) to consider new lifestyle and nutrition options.  Tessa is passionate about wellness and I enthusiastically recommend her!” – Sharon Maslen, Kelowna

“I have attended a number of Tessa’s presentations.  Her knowledge of holistic nutrition is exceptional.  Her presentation skills are confident and engaging.  Her style is professional, creative and most importantly informative.” – Lori Drysdale

“Tessa’s knowledge of nutritional matters is extensive; what we really liked is how she looks at the big picture, the whole body, the whole context.  We have great confidence in the value of what she tells us.” -Rhonda and Gregg

“I have really enjoyed Tessa’s presentations. They are so informative with even the smallest of tips to good health that I’ve not realized made a difference. I’ve being trying to incorporate these ideas into our daily menus and have tried new recipes to eat more wisely. Tessa has a great way of presenting and answers questions to get us all thinking more positive about nutrition. I look forward to attending more sessions.” – Betty Lou Koltun