The Metabolic Balance® Plan is an innovative science based program.

  • Tailored to your unique body chemistry.  
  • More than just weight loss.  The innovative program balances hormones and adjusts metabolism through an individualized nutrition plan based on your unique profile and blood markers. A body reset!
  • No counting calories or points.  No expensive packaged food to purchase.  No pills, injections or shakes.
  • 100% support and guidance from me, a certified Metabolic Balance® coach and Nutrition professional.
  • Are you ready for lasting change?

For more information send me an email at

I offer group/corporate presentations on a variety of topics related to health and nutrition.  I will also tailor a presentation based on your group needs.  A few examples of presentation topics are listed here:

  • Eating for Bone Health
  • Diet myths and food fads
  • Harnessing the power of nutrition for health and vitality-at any age!
  • Label Lessons-Understanding Nutrition Labels
  • The good gut – unraveling the mystery of gut bacteria
  • Small changes that make a world of difference


I offer a wide range of services that are currently being updated. Check back often for updates!