Eat your way to better health!  No matter what health issue you want to address, hormones are playing a role. Find out about the top foods that address those annoying issues you may be experiencing like bloating, weight gain, brain fog etc.
The 7 day Hormone Reboot is an effective kick starter, and the 28 days to hormone health allows you to go deeper for lasting change.
Some of the health issues you may be experiencing:
bloating, fatigue, cravings, unexplained weight gain, sleep disturbances.
The 7 Day Hormone Reboot plan can help. What you get:
  • 7 Day Menu plan
  • Recipes
  • shopping lists
  • step-by-step instructions
  • All in a Pdf format for download or print
  • Free Bonus Material: The Guide to Understanding hormones 

7 Day Hormone Reboot

7 Day Hormone Reboot


Want to go deeper?  The 28 Days to Healthy Hormone package is for you!  Why the food you are eating may not be the best for you.  Learn about the different body systems that play a role in hormone health and the right foods that support these body systems so you can feel your best.

What you get:
  • 4 Week Menu plan
  • Shopping lists Flexible food options
  • Step-by-step instructions 
  • All in Pdf format for download or print
  • Free Bonus Material: The Guide to Hormone Stressors

28 Days to Healthy Hormones

28 Days to Healthy Hormones


Not sure which package is right for you? Send me an email for more information

A client experience: “Thank you Tessa for encouraging me to achieve my goals.  Just a phone call away, you have been a valuable and consistent support.  Your professionalism guided me by listening to my concerns and implementing them into my plan.  I am grateful in having you as a hardworking mentor and an invaluable coach.  The customized Metabolic Balance® Nutrition Plan is a way of life, not a diet.” 

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The Metabolic Balance® Plan is an innovative science based program.

  • Tailored to your unique body chemistry.  
  • More than just weight loss.  The innovative program balances hormones and adjusts metabolism through an individualized nutrition plan based on your unique profile and blood markers. A body reset!
  • No counting calories or points.  No expensive packaged food to purchase.  No pills, injections or shakes.
  • 100% support and guidance from me, a certified Metabolic Balance® coach and Nutrition professional.
  • Are you ready for lasting change?

For more information send me an email at

I offer group/corporate presentations on a variety of topics related to health, wellness, lifestyle and nutrition.  I will also tailor a presentation based on your group needs.  Look here and here to see a list of events.

A few examples of presentation topics are listed below:

  • Eating for Bone Health
  • Diet myths and food fads
  • Harnessing the power of nutrition for health and vitality-at any age!
  • Label Lessons-Understanding Nutrition Labels
  • The good gut – unraveling the mystery of gut bacteria
  • Small changes that make a world of difference

I offer a wide range of services. Check back often for updates!

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